Law, Ethics, Professional Accountability, Record Keeping and Documentation Workshop i have found this course very helpful. The trainers were very detailed and explanatory and understood the trainning. the trainning was fun and interactive . i would recommend Global health professionals any day .

E. Isiuku

It was great to learn the possible complications of cannulation, including the use of the VIPS grading system. Venepuncture and phlebotomy course

Emre Misiri

Training was of high standard, well informative, up to date, relevant and quite informative. Will definitely recommend colleagues and friends for the use of the GHP LTD services

Mariatta Udejimba

Sofas L3 Education and Training Today was exceptional great in terms of learning and also having to make presentation of my choice relevant to area of my practice. The experience and constructive feedback from peers was helpful and provide opportunity to know what area to improve upon. The self assessment also was great and serve as a platform for self critique which is good for learning.

Olajidd Bankole

Great course for teaching. The course is challenging and I recommend it for everyone to attend GHP’s Education and Training course. Well done.

Comfort Adams

AoFaq L3 Education and Training Today this training I have so much to learned on how to assess, demonstrate, implement and evaluate during the lesson { Teaching- tutor}. Our speaker today John is amazing, He had so much knowledge and excellent on his work. He touch my heart all the time I attended his training session. I always enjoy to attend his class even though the distance from my house approximately 60 Miles. I would highly recommend this training school for health care you done a fantastic job. well done guy’s.

N. Yadao

NGT Insertion Care & Management I have been attending training with Global Health Professionals and I find myself coming back because of their workshops, great deliverance of training and leaving with such a good experience. I will definitely recommend this to my colleagues and let them know the experience I have received with Global Health Professionals!

Samantha Blanchard

NGT Insertion Care and Management Very hands-on training and I like the practical session where I get to experience how to properly do the skills section The Trainer was very knowledgeable about this workshop and will definitely attend other more workshop with GHP

Beatrice Muli

Mandatory Training for Nurses was excellent. Infection Control and SOVA level 1&2 was well taught. I Highly recommend this course.

Willy Poveda

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adult (SOVA) Level 3 This training has been very helpful. trainers are very factual and knowledgeable about the course. I have learnt a lot about laws and how this applies to safeguarding. I will always recommend

L M Osei

Intravenous Therapy Workshop Amazing day, worth to spend my day with global health . I learned drug calculations from basic to complex, calculations on percentage and ratio, setting up fluids in pumps usings mls/h and dosing. All the different central lines were discussed and I was able to access central line using a manikin using a sterile technique and non touch technique. . The trainer was knowledgeable on this subject , she was able to answer all the questions on fluid balance, osmolarity, electrolytes imbalance. I was referred by agency to global health so I can recommend my colleagues to update their knowledge and skills in GHPL.

Julie Efiannayi

Intravenous (IV) Therapy I have indeed enjoyed every aspect of this course including the ones l find very daunting very well presented well done.Will surely spread the good news.

Christina Briggs

Gastrostomy – I found this course very useful and clearly presented. It allowed me to recap on some things and learn and practice new (to me) aspects of Garstrostomy tube care and management.

Helen Taylor

Law, Ethics, Nursing Documentation and Recordkeeping Full of information workshop and will help me in my practice in the future The trainers are lovely and wonderful! Will definitely recommend them to my colleagues

Victoria Valencia

Adult Tracheostomy Very helpful and informative workshop, I will be leaving full of knowledge and skills from Global Health and wonderful Trainer throughout the day!! Will definitely recommend this to my colleagues

Sibongile Madi

I am a Mental Health Nurse and I have attended PMVA training with Global Health Professional and i found the training quite useful and hope it would assist me in future practice. I would definitely invite and encourage my colleagues to attend the training with Global Health Professionals in future.

Emmanuel Bantar

ECG Interpretation Workshop A training I have done before but this was a first time of Workshop of ECG that I attended today. I am so delighted to come to know about the normal and abnormal ECG. This will have a positive impact in the place that I work. The Trainer was able to expand my knowledge and really really deliver it in the way that we understand and the teaching is very relevant for me and I will continue to recommend this course to help them not just with ECG but beyond this as well.

Rachel Ijeh

ECG Interpretation I count this to be a blessing that a fact that I didn’t know about this. This was a recommendation from a friend. Trainer is very open-minded and very approachable. When I reached the location, registered and was very happy. Coming to the workshop and was very overwhelmed by the Trainer. I have worked with so much Trust and I have never met someone brilliant because he was very informative with the training and providing details even more on top of our knowledge. I feel that now I feel very knowledgeable and more confident in doing the practical session. In my experience of 15 years, this really does add something in me and feel elevated.

Olubunmi Eluyera

Global health training. Top of the range, I recommend them. Very professional.

Christian Women Liberty Centre

Would recommend this friendly and professional company to anyone. had mandatory training today for Rgn post and i am happy with the outcome. The entire session was straighforward and easily understood

Sheri Kay

I have attained the Mandatory and Statutory training today and I found it very useful to my development in becoming a qualify Health Care Assistant professional. My trainer was great, he took the time to explain areas I needed clarity.

Rasheeda Lavish

Mandatory and Statutory Training Had a great time and experience with Rehan. Never a waste of time and money. Detailed explanation given and very understanding. He is ready to assist any day and time. Highly recommended.

Amaziah Prah

Medication Safety- the company provides high tech manikins used for injections, the training was excellent. i would certainly recommend this company to my colleagues. I would definitely use this company’s courses for future references, it helped me alot and is definitely exciting to be in.

Agnes Atencio

HCA Clinical Workshops This workshops enhanced my knowledge and skills in both theory and practical aspect of the course. The centre was equipped with simulated manikins used for clinical workshops. The assessor/trainer was knowledgeable in all the topics. The anatomy and physiology of the human body system was discussed on the course thats why it’s more easy for me now to understand when the patient is not well or poorly. I can recommend this course to all HCAs. Excellent !

Fatemeh Moaveni Nasab

I have attended mandatory training with Global Health Professionals today. I have been doing my mandatory training with Global Health Professionals for the past three years and I find it very useful and friendly environment. I highly recommended to anyone that is interested in mandatory training updates and other refresher courses.

Linda Gardner