Terms & Conditions

A. Cancellation of Service and Refund Policy

Global Health Professionals (GHP) Ltd is committed to ensure satisfaction for all customers. GHP relies on its Terms and Condition Policy to help ensure satisfaction of service. GHP reserves the right to change this agreement from time to time. Charges and payment terms may be changed in accordance with the applicable course fee and service schedule. Courses details information may be changed in accordance with current National guidelines and policies. All other provisions may be changed by GHP immediately upon notice. Continued use of the services and materials following any change constitutes acceptance of the change.

GHP may suspend or discontinue providing services and materials to you without notice and may pursue any remedy legally available if you fail to comply with any of your obligations hereunder.

B. Rescheduling Fee:

  • b.1. For requests received 7 business days or more in advance of the scheduled date of the course/workshops/training placement, there is no rescheduling charge for the first (2) changes, a 10% fee per course will be applied after two requests.
  • b.2. If a candidate fails to notify us in advance of inability to attend on the course/workshops/training placement date reserved 7 business days before the course start date, then a rescheduling fee will apply.
  • b.3. If an individual candidate is unable to attend on the scheduled course/workshops/training date reserved, the candidate should notify GHP at least 7 business days in advance. If they do so, we will agree to reschedule the course date with the candidate, subject to availability.
  • b.4. For notification given less than 7 business days inclusive before the course date, a charge of 50% per course will be charged to reschedule.If a candidate who paid before attendance does a no show for Mandatory Training, then they will have to pay in full again in order to be re-booked. However for the clinical workshops it is 50% they will have to pay if reschedule is requested after a no show.
  • b.5. In cases where training, for whatever reason/s gets delayed and is beyond the control of the service provider, with due notification to the client, the service provider is bound to conduct the training and make the necessary rearrangement of the training matrix without compromising the learning outcomes of said training/workshop. In cases when training cannot push through due to delays, but the trainers have showed up, the training provider shall charge the client for the services of the trainers and its corresponding expenses or a reschedule of training may be deemed reasonable.
  • b.6. In the event of non-attendance for any reason where payment has been received, there shall be no refund and if booking is rescheduled after absence an additional 50% charge fee will apply. In the event of non-attendance where the fee has not been received, the fee will remain due and payable. The reason for this is that GHP are paying their trainers, room hired for teaching and training placement 7 days before the course date.
  • b.7. A candidate can book a course with us and pay on arrival on the day of the training. However if the candidate does a no show or cancel less than 7 working days before the training venue, then in order for them to secure a place in the alternative course date, they will have to pay before attending, either by card payment or bank transfer to secure their place on that course.

C. Workshop/Course/Training Cancellation:

  • c.1. We operate a “no refunds” and “no cancellation” policy for courses/workshops/training placement scheduled on the day.
  • c.2. If a course is being run exclusively for a corporate customer, at our training centres, on a customer site or any other alternative venue; the same refund terms apply in the event of cancellation, but an alternative course date can be arranged by agreement.
  • c.3. As long as we receive your notice of cancellation at least 7 working days before the training day and/or upon agreeing with the terms and condition policy of GHP from the date of payment ,you will receive a refund of your course/workshop/training placement fee. Otherwise, the full fee will not be eligible for any refund of fees.
  • c.4. All requests for refund should be made 7 working days prior to the start of the course/workshops/training and must be made in writing to be send to: refund@globalhealthprofessionals.co.uk
  • c.5. Payment of refund to candidate/learner/students will be processed within 4 weeks of the written request and payment will be made using the same method as original payment.
  • c.6. All refunds unfortunately will require an administrative 10% service charge.
  • c.7. All courses and workshops are only intended for nurses, doctors, midwives, Health Care Assistant’s (HCA) and other allied healthcare professionals. Learning outcomes and course contents of each workshop will determine the target audience and entry requirements.
  • c.8. The 7 day refund window starts from the day payment is received by our office. If you paid using your credit card or on line transfer the transaction will appear on your bank statement. This is applicable for candidates who are booking for one course/workshops.
  • c.9. Confirmation of payment and attendance of the training course, automatically signs you up to our terms and conditions and you are agreeing that the information provided on the training course, will only be used in house for you.

D. Change of Candidate’s Course:

  • In the unlikely event it becomes necessary to change your course, in total or in part, we will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible of any necessary changes. You shall have the choice of purchasing another course from GHP and paying or receiving a refund in respect of any differences or cancelling your course and receiving a full refund of all payments made.

E. Unprofessional/Unacceptable Behaviour

  • e.1. Any behavior that is deemed to be unacceptable you may be asked to leave the premises. GHP may cancel your course, no refunds will be made under these circumstances.
  • e.2. GHP reserves the right to refuse training to any Candidate thought to be disruptive or displays antisocial behaviour towards the Trainer and other Candidates before or during the training session.

F. Liabilities to the Delegates/Candidates:

  • f.1. We shall ensure that all services you order from us are in accordance with these terms and conditions and shall be performed by us with all reasonable skill, care and utmost professionalism.
  • f.2. Where an element of your course is not provided as stated in the course instructions you must notify us within 28 days of the alleged breach. We shall then investigate the matter and if we have not delivered the services in accordance with the course content, objectives and guidelines you shall be entitled to:
    • f.2.a. a full refund of the cost of your course (or, where appropriate, the relevant section of it) less any fees charged for changes requested by you;
    • f.2.b. or a free course to the equivalent value of the services complained of, where such dates are agreed in writing by us.
  • f.3. We will not be liable to you by way of representation unless fraudulent, common law duty or under any express or implied term of the contract for:
  • f.4. any losses which are not foreseeable by both you and us when the Contract is formed arising in connection with the supply of the services or their use by you;
  • f.5. any losses which are not caused by any breach by us; business or trade losses.
  • f.6. Our entire liability in connection with training services and arrange placement for supervised practice in clinical areas will not exceed the purchase price of the services booked less any amendment charges paid to us.
  • f.7. Except in relation to death or personal injury caused by our negligence our liability remains, at all times, limited to the value of the services booked, excluding any amendment charges paid to us.
  • f.8. We ensure that Certificate will be given on the day of the training. However, in some circumstances which we cannot give the certificate on the training day, it will be posted First class on the following day without any fee.
  • f.9. If the participant/candidate requires an extra copy, £10.00 will be charged. Only one certificate is free. If you will need an extra certificate, email: certificates@globalhealthprofessionals.co.uk

G. Requirements to all candidates/healthcare professionals for Mandatory Training Updates and Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) updates:

  • g.1 Any candidates or healthcare professionals who wanted to book for the Mandatory training updates should have already undergone a mandatory training induction.
  • g.2 Any candidates or healthcare professionals who wanted to book for Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) in Acute Settings or Prevention and Management of Potential and Actual Aggression (PAMPAA) in Community Settings updates should confirm that they have undergone a 3 or 5 day PMVA or MAPA training induction.

H. During Training Sessions

  • h.1 GHP is allowed to take pictures and videos during training sessions for audit and website use purposes only.

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