Neonatal Skin Update

Neonatal-Skin-Update by Global Health Professionals Ltd
  • Neonatal Skin Update Workshop describes the anatomic and physiologic differences between premature, neonatal, and adult skin, as well as skin assessment. Evidence-based skin care practices in the areas of bathing, disinfectants, umbilical cord care, and adhesive use are discussed.
  • Aims of the workshops
  • Learning Outcomes 
  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Skin Barrier Function
  • Stratum Corneum and TEWL
  • Strategies to Decrease TEWL and Evaporative Heat Loss
  • Hats, Wraps and Bags
  • Humidity for ELBW Infants
  • Recent Studies: Improved Care and Growth by Using Humidified Incubators
  • Cohession between Epidermis and Dermis
  • Risk of Toxicity from Topical Agents in Newborns
  • Neonatal Skin Colonisation 
  • Microbione Aspects of Perinatal and Neonatal Health
  • Diversity of the Human Skin Microbione Early in Life
  • Innate Immunity of the Skin
  • Vernix Caseosa
  • The First Bath and Routine Bath
  • Recent Studies of Chlorohexidine Bath
  • Disinfectants and Skin Injury
  • Irritant Diaper Dermatitis
  • Candida Diaper Rash 
  • Medical Adhesive Tapes and Silicone Tapes
  • Skin Injury from Tapes
  • Adhesive Removers
  • Barriers Films
Duration: 0930-1730 
Fee: £145
Lunch will not be provided only Tea and coffee will be provided in the morning and during breaks.

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Neonatal Skin Update

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