Mission, Vision & Values

GLOBAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS (GHP) LIMITED has continuously addressed the growing need of relevant training and competencies in health and social care with the expertise of trainers who are dynamic and enthusiastic in imparting the most relevant knowledge and skills that are vital in the healthcare arena.


Healthcare professionals are committed to remain competent to practice and to deliver high quality of care to patients by continually expanding their knowledge and skills throughout their working career. GHP believes that continuing professional development plays an integral role in enhancing confidence and credibility. Our vision is to uphold the principles and standards of healthcare practice through the provision of quality training programmes that will meet and support the roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals in various healthcare settings. This is key to achieve “Optimum health for all”.


GHP is committed to the totality of the individual healthcare professional who possesses the essential work ethics, values laden beliefs, person-centred care focused and well-equipped to face the challenges of global health issues and concerns affecting one’s profession.

Our Values

Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives of Global Health Professionals Ltd


GHP aims to offer multiple opportunities for challenging applied learning experiences within our training programmes and equip all trainees with the right attitude, knowledge and skills in accordance with the laws and provisions in health and social care, equip all trainees with knowledge about each topic on Mandatory Training and other courses and maintain an open forum discussion during the teaching session.


GHP Ltd strives to:

1. Provide a training that is differentiated and continuously improving in order to provide individuals with evidence-based information;

2. Offer multiple opportunities for challenging applied learning experiences within the training programs;

3. Enhance the interaction and collaboration of participants by maintaining an open forum discussion during teaching sessions;

4. Equip all trainees with knowledge about each topic on Mandatory Training as well as other essential nursing regulated activities through well-planned designed activities to suit their professional needs; and

5. Provide up-to-date information about healthcare legislation to ensure that individuals possess the most relevant knowledge to guide their professional roles and responsibilities.

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