Mandatory Training aligned with Skills for Health (CSTF)


With training centres around London, Global Health Professionals was awarded Skills for Health Quality Mark in July 2015, recognising the standard of its face to face education and training for Nurses, Doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Logo-Global-Health-Professionals-LtdSkills for Health have created the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) for healthcare training providers and employers which provide guidance, mapping tools and learning outcomes to improve quality, reduce costs and ensure the standardisation of training. GHPL mapped the topics of Mandatory Training according to CSTF and submitted Declaration of Alignment of the topics in 2015. The alignment of the subjects helps GHPL prevent unnecessary or duplication of the topics delivered to candidates.

About Global Health Professionals Ltd:

GHPL have been committed to their goal of becoming the top training providers in the country by offering these important services. There was also strong support for the view that the current framework meets its intended purpose. The framework helps to improve the quality of training provision, and standardise the learning outcomes and aims of statutory and mandatory training.

Boasting state of the art facilities and equipment, GHPL are able to deliver on-site Mandatory Training practical sessions on subjects such as Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Basic Life Support, Infection Control and Information Governance.

The National Skills Academy Skills for Health Quality Mark provides a framework that defines and endorses superior learning and training standards that healthcare employers need to cultivate a world-class workforce. GHPL are confident their superior learning programs and high-quality courses are the best choice for prospective or existing health care professionals in need of Mandatory Training. Jocelyn Lantron, GHPL Director of Clinical Services said, “The Skills for Health Quality Mark, has proven the excellent work of our research team and trainers who work collaboratively to provide the gold standard of training in this field.”

Established in February 2013, with the purpose of providing a training solution to meet the needs of the sector, GHPL has grown to be one of the UK’s number 1 training providers for nurses, midwives, doctors and other professionals. The company enforces patient centred care in every aspect of their training with an aim to improve quality care for all patients.

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