Law, ethics, professional accountability, documentation and recordkeeping workshop

Global Health Professionals are London-based training providers for health care professionals, boasting an impressive accolade of being one of the UK’s most trusted and respected organisations.

The business offers a number of courses ranging from workshops to education and training focused programmes to enhance the skills of the UK’s health-care professionals.

Global Health Professionals have an upcoming event for one of their courses entitled Law, Ethics, Professional Accountability, Documentation, and Recordkeeping. The programme is accredited by the RCN Centre for Professional Accreditation.

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The BBC reported a staggering 3,500 patients were waiting longer than the NHS’s target of 18 weeks for operations and treatment due to poor record-keeping. The investigation also went on to find that at least 100,000 non-medical staff in the NHS have had access to confidential records in the last decade. The latest course from Global Health Professionals is aimed to help improve such figures and ensure diligence amongst healthcare professionals.

The workshop will cover essential aspects to provide students with the ability to understand statutory and common laws, inclusive of professional and ethical responsibilities of health professionals to further develop critical thinking of the healthcare landscape, shaping their overall care abilities. The workshop will also aim to further develop the established skills of the students in reference to their healthcare abilities, enhancing their record keeping skills and perfecting their performance in such roles.

The exclusive qualification has been designed thoughtfully with all types of health professionals in mind and incorporates the best practices of ethics and law within the health landscape, lending education from NMC, RCB, NICE, Department of Health, the Health and Social Care Act and further government guidance.

This latest workshop designed by Global Health Professionals is ideally suited to nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals that are passionate about enhancing their current skill set in relation to their understanding of law, ethics, professional accountability, documentation and recordkeeping in their careers. The course will cover one day on Saturday the 11th of August, 2018 and will equip individuals with a multitude of skills alongside a further understanding of their roles.

Global Health Professionals are in place to address the growing need for required training in the health and social care sector, eager to convey their skills and knowledge to health care professionals eager to expand their capabilities. The organisation continually provides training aimed at the ever-developing industry, providing trainees with evidence-based information and the ability to drive their professional responsibilities in their working environment.

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