Interpersonal Skills Workshops


  • The Interpersonal Skills Workshop is designed to provide learners with the underpinning concepts to explore and uphold the positive interpersonal communication skills and relationships among  patients, colleagues and line managers to maintain a successful work environment. This will enable the participants to develop their knowledge and critical thinking skills in utilising interpersonal skills in any healthcare settings.
  • The qualification is ideal for new starters and experienced staff requiring a refresher alike and is designed for the health and social care sectors including private and government hospitals, ambulance services, nursing homes, residential care homes, domiciliary care providers, nurseries, doctor’s surgeries etc.
  • The qualification has been designed to incorporate the guidance and best practices of law and ethics from NMC, RCN, Department of Health, NICE, Health and Social Care Act and other government guidance.

Aims of Workshop:

  • To understand legislation, national guidelines, professional roles and responsibilities of a healthcare professionals in developing interpersonal skills and communication to multi-professional team and patients in care
  • To increase an awareness of the importance, methods of assessing interpersonal skills and barriers of communication
  • To understand the use of assessment tools, communication and conflict resolution models
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills on managing conflict incidents, complaints and feedbacks per workplace’s policy
  • To further develop self awareness and use of interpersonal skills through reflective practice

Course Details:

  • Legislations and National Guidelines
  • The Professional Code of Conduct
  • Equality and Diversity in Health Sector
  • Human Rights Based Approach
  • Forms of Discrimination
  • Person-Centred Care
  • Principles of Nursing Practice
  • Code Standards for Healthcare Assistant
  • Arenas of Accountability
  • Enabling Professionalism in Practice
  • Maintaining Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Framework for Ethical Dilemmas
  • Risk Assessment
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Methods to Develop Interpersonal Skills
  • Methods of Assessing Interpersonal Skills
  • Direct Observation
  • 360 Review
  • Good Interpersonal Skills
  • Components of Communication
  • Personal Space
  • Forms of Communications
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
  • Barriers of Communications
  • Reducing Barriers of Communications
  • Effective Communication
  • Team Communication Skills
  • Principles of Good Communication
  • Use of SBAR Tool in Team Communication
  • Sources of Conflict
  • Communication Models for Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Resolution Model
  • The Cycle of Conflict
  • Attitude and Behavioural Cycle
  • Patterns of Behaviour
  • Ethical and Unethical Behaviour
  • Steps to Manage Conflict
  • Complaints Management
  • Effective Complaints Handling
  • Respond to Complaints
  • Listening and Understanding
  • Barriers to Listening
  • Peer Assessment
  • Constructive/Destructive Feedback
  • Importance of Feedback
  • Routes of Feedback
  • Positive/Negative Response to Feedback
  • Stages in Negotiation & Behaviours to Utilise
  • Effectively Handling a Problem
  • Actions to Demonstrate Respect
  • Leadership and Leadership Styles
  • Leadership Models
  • Engaging Leadership
  • Healthcare Quality Strategy
  • Self-Awareness
  • Reflective Practice
  • Recordkeeping and Documentation
  • Knowledge Assessment Competency

Target Audience: Nurses, Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals
Duration: 0930-1730
Fee: £120
Lunch will not be provided only Tea and coffee will be provided in the morning and during breaks.
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Interpersonal Skills – Communication and Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace