Global Health Professionals Ltd (GHPL) met with Kaizen Training in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the launch of its UK accredited workshops for all healthcare professionals in Bahrain.


Dr. Yousif Sharaf, CEO of Kaizen Training in Bahrain and Mr. John Lantron Director, Global Health Professionals Ltd (GHPL) met in Bahrain to discuss the launch of training courses to be taught in Bahrain and other GCC Countries starting September 2016.


The key themes discussed was to increase collaboration of UK accredited courses/workshops and  international CME/CPD recognised courses. Discussions also includes  the reinforcement and filling gaps in healthcare training throughout the healthcare industry and the commitment of a shared vision of improving patient care by providing high quality educational courses and experiences for nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals in the region. GHPL’s aim is to deliver high quality courses globally at the highest possible standard of training for healthcare practitioners to enhance their knowledge and skills and to comply for the CME/CPD as one of the requirements of the Kingdom of Bahrain requiring healthcare professionals for the renewal of their licensure.