Financial Education for Healthcare Professionals

GHP - Financial Education

  • We are excited to inform you that Global Health in Partnerships with Genistar Ltd is launching the new financial education training course for healthcare professionals which consists of 8 educational hours of continuing professional development (CPD) .
  • The aim of this programme is to create an opportunity for candidates to improve their skills and knowledge in Financial Education further more to enable them and their families develop Confidence in handling their financial needs.
  • We would like to invite you to join and participate on this developmental opportunity that can enhance and develop your Financial knowledge and skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge and skills of financial freedom strategies.
  • Understanding the basics of savings, interest , debt and how to become debt free
  • Apply basic financial planning.
  • Understanding how the Rule 72 works
  • Basic knowledge on financial products and services.

Course Details:

A. Background of our Financial Services partners

• The Role of the Financial Conduct Authority
• Anti-money Laundering, Bribery and Fraud
• Data Protection Act
• Complaints Handling

B. The UK Financial Problem

• Lack of Financial Education – The problem
• Traditional Financial Institutions
• Good Marketing- Debt and Credit

C. Your Goals and Dreams

• Goal Setting Activities

D. Creating a suitable wealth plan

• Strategies
• The Basics
• The Financial Game Plan
• Fortnightly Repayment Options
• Becoming Debt Free- Debt Freedom Solution and Debt Stacking
• The 10-10-10-70 Strategy
• The Rule of 72

E. Let money works for you

• Investment Funds
• Earning and Investing

F. Protecting your Wealth

• Wills and Trust
• Estate Planning
• How Life Works
• Protecting Your Family- Income protection, Serious Illness Cover, Private Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Children Serious Illness Cover, Funeral Cover, Dementia Frail Care Cover
• Building your Financial House
• Journey to Financial Freedom

G. Other Financial Solutions-

• Mortgage
• Building and Contents Insurance

H. Build Your Own partime/fulltime Business

• Dream Income for Life- Build Your Own Business
• The Ideal Business
• Testimonial Videos

I. Questions and Answers

• Exams

Target Audience: Healthcare Professionals
CPD Hours: 8
Refreshments: Included
Lunch: Not Included



Financial Education and Wellness for Healthcare Professionals