Equality and Diversity Policy Statement

Global Health Professionals Ltd (GHPL) Ltd recognises that promoting equality and diversity is essential to deliver quality, culturally appropriate training and support services to all sections of the community for which we serve. We are committed to practices that offer equality of opportunity to all employees, learners and service users.

  • Provide a non-discriminatory high standard of service to all our employees, service users and learners and operate within legislation without compromise.
  • Consult, develop, plan and deliver services that are accessible to all our employees, service users and learners and with reasonable adjustment, be responsive to their needs and preferences.
  • Use influence to promote equality through all the services and practices and ensure that all forms of harassment and discrimination are challenged.
  • Make informed and fair decisions in relation to recruitment, promotion and training. The decisions are made in according to core competencies.
  • Foster a culture where equality and human rights are valued and the skills and talents of our employees, service users and members are used appropriately to the benefits of the community.
  • Monitor and review all our employees, service users and learners and develop initiatives, nurture applications from an expansive cross section of the first aid community.
  • All employees, service users and learners are aware of and comply with the standards expected within this policy.
  • The measures of awareness, understanding and delivery of GHP Ltd equalities commitment.
  • Dignity and respect for all employees, service users and learners.
  • That they confront and take appropriate action against incidents or behaviour that does not meet the standards of GHP Ltd policies.
Staff Involvement
  • GHPL will involve all employees, service users and learners and support them in the development and delivery of equalities and diversity. This may include consultation, email, verbal communication, internet and networking sessions.
  • All employees, service users and learners have a personal responsibility for ensuring that they work in a positive non-discriminatory manner with all service users and colleagues. This responsibility is communicated and reinforced through the Equal Opportunity Policy, Discrimination Procedures and Harassment Procedures as well as through consultation, email, verbal communication, the World Wide Web and networking sessions.
Training and Development
  • GHPL recognise the value of all employees, service users and learners and will support employees, service users and learners to deliver the values and principles of equality, individuality and diversity. GHPL will identify the knowledge and skills required to deliver ethnic and culturally sensitive services across all aspects and where necessary provide training to enhance confidence and understanding.
Monitoring and Review Arrangements
  • GHPL and the director recognise that continual monitoring of equal opportunities is essential to the continued review of the effectiveness of all policies. To this end GHP Ltd and the director will collate and monitor all information required by the laws of England and use this information to make decisions.
Harassment Procedures
  • GHP Ltd takes all allegations of harassment very seriously and has policies in place for the reporting and managing incidents of harassment, bullying intimidation and discrimination.
  • It is the right of all employees, service users and learners to be treated with consideration and operate in an environment free from harassment, bullying, intimidation and discrimination. This is made through written policies and respective training.