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Global Health Professionals Ltd - Mandatory Training Provider in UKGlobal Health Professionals Limited (GHPL) has grown to be one of the UK’s number 1 training provider for Nurses, Midwives, Doctors and other Healthcare professionals’ training Courses, clinical skills Workshops, education and Training and health and social care courses. All certifications are authorised, registered and quality assured.

GHPL announces the accreditation of the Mandatory Training Courses with CPD. Other health and social care and first aid courses are accredited to AoFAQ . This is in line with the continued effort of GHPL to provide quality training and workshops to meet the standards of the Health and Social Services sector. GHPL ensure that the training provided to all nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals is one that they can consider as a vital principle that will guide them to a good health and safety performance and behaviour. This is GHPL’s contribution in establishing a positive health and safety environment.


GHPL strives to provide a classroom training that is differentiated and continuously improving in order to provide Candidates with evidence based information; offer multiple opportunities for challenging applied learning experiences within our training programmes; enhance the interaction and collaboration among other Candidates; to provide up to date information about current legislation; Healthcare professionals are committed to remain competent to practice and to deliver high quality of care to patients by continually expanding their knowledge and skills throughout in their working career. GHPL believes that continuing professional development plays an integral role in enhancing confidence and credibility.




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What our students say

We value the opinions of those that attend our training courses and workshops

Very clear and concise. Jocelyn is an excellent trainer. The level and content were appropriate for me. All elements is essential.

Excellent workshop would recommend in future Jocelyn made the day enjoyable and was very informative.


Practical Venepuncture was challenging but well demonstrated. The Clinical Coaching was great! Very interesting and easy to related to the practice. Everything was well explained, the assessor was friendly and very approachable and very knowledgeable about hospital practices, environment and expectations. This course covered all my expected venepuncture needs.

Excellent visual and practical skills teaching.


I really appreciate coming and participating in taking blood and cannula. I particularly benefited from the additional clinical knowledge when analysing skin in bloods and cannula.

Dr. Mohammad Marash Saleemi

Global Health Professionals offers great health care mandatory training. We will continue to recommend our current and pipeline candidates as they have proven to be an efficient and effective way of keeping candidates up-to-date with required modules/units.

James D

I am highly confident to recommend the services of Global Health Professionals (GHP) to potential clients and candidates. During the past years our company has been working with GHP on numerous different kinds of projects.

As the compliance manager, I am inclined to recommend suitable package to my candidate and I must say that we have always been satisfied by the training structure from GHP. One of the projects we worked on pointed out the consistency in their service and the attention to details that GHP has.

I strongly recommend Global Health Professionals as a reliable training provider and I am looking forward to working with the company in the future.

Johnson Adebayo

Global Health Professionals offers great health care mandatory training. We will continue to recommend our current and pipeline candidates as they have proven to be an efficient and effective way of keeping candidates up-to-date with required modules/units.

John D

My colleagues and I attended the full day tracheostomy training yesterday and felt it was an extremely well run, informative session which completely met our needs.

We had been trying to source some appropriate training for some time and were struggling to find a programme with the right combination of theory and practical exposure. The course advertised by Global Health Services, seemed to cover everything we required, including RCN accreditation and CPD points and we were not disappointed as the content was comprehensive and provided us with in depth information and the opportunity to practice our clinical skills which was vitally important.

The trainer Jocelyn was extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions. She had a warm friendly manner and explained things in a way we found easy to understand. The content was delivered at an appropriate pace and lots of examples were given. Jocelyn was a very credible trainer and seemed very passionate about teaching.

The small group size was a bonus as there was lots of opportunity to ask questions without feeling embarrassed and Jocelyn really did put us at ease. The training room was well equipped with all the necessary equipment and mannequins, and it was such a bonus to be able to work through practical scenarios and handle the different types of tubes and suctioning.

We would really recommend this study day and will be sending more colleagues in the near future.

Debbie Dempsey

Mandatory Training

All Part of the Training was imperative and necessary. In fact it was a useful exercise all together.

Very pleased with the teaching and would definitely recommend GHP to any one wants to undertake a mandatory Course/Training in the Healthcare related business.

Neriz Pis-an

Nasogastric (NGT), Nasojejunal (NJT) Insertion Care and Management Workshop

The quality of GHPL is extremely well. All my questions were answered professionally and gave me confidence to perform NGT/NJT procedures in m y career as a health care professional. The services that I like most is that they have an abundant equipment available for practising purposes, teaching skills, knowledge and experiences from the lectures. It is outstanding!Clear and concise power point slides.

The service you would like to improve is none! I will recommend this company services to my friends and colleagues alike. I just wish we could have professionals like my teacher todayat University and at hospital to be able to offer the best care possible to patients. This course in London has exceeded my expectations. I will book more with them soon.


Mandatory Training for Doctors

I would like to convey my personal and professional thanks to the Trainer and staff for making Mandatory Training for Doctors such a useful and fun experience.

For me it was certainly worth the drive down from Manchester.

I wish you all, the very best, and I do hope our paths do cross again.

Dr. McCulloch

Accident & Emergency Workshop

The contents of the session were very useful. The Interpretation of ABGs was taught and made much easier to remember. All is perfect, all information I need were handed over to me and I can say that I am very much informed. The A&E workshop was very comprehensive. Excellent presentation style!

Frederick Coutin

Paediatric Tracheostomy Workshop

The trainer’s presentation style was very excellent! Very clear presentation. All of the presentation slides and practicals were very useful and helped me gain confidence. I found this couse extremely supportive and helped me build my confidence. The Paediatric Tracheostomy trainer is such an excellent teacher. Thank you

Jill Eunson

Paediatric Tracheostomy Workshop

Excellent delivery of training! The practical simulation was great. This Paediatric tracheostomy workshop was all at the level I found suited my nursing experience. This is such a great course that will benefit my development as nurse, both skills and confidence. Excellent trainer too! She was an approachable person with good training skills.

Julia’s House

The delivery of information is very comprehensive and the presentation was excellent. I enjoyed the training very well specially the clinical skill assessment. The content of the sessions was very useful, very helpful, comprehensive and excellent.


The course was very useful especially the practical session. I’ve given a chance to practice several times. The information provided were adequate in an interactive manner. The Trainer was very patient and kind. I learned a lot from her , she answered all questions I had. I now feel more confident in performing this procedure.


Good course, well presented, what I wanted and needed.


Accident and Emergency Clinical Skills

Araceli of A24 Group: It was nice presentation.Well presented and explained.
Theresa of Tessycare: The lecturer (Michael) was very good. Presentation was excellent.
Tsitsi of Slough: Trainer was very knowledgeable and with good teaching techniques.
Myrna of MedicsPro: Well presented course. Enjoyed being part of this workshop.
Thandekile(Junior Sister) of Sutton: Michael made it more interesting by involving us and keep us thinking.I really enjoyed the workshop.I refereshed my knowledge and now have a point of reference.


Management of Violence and Aggression (MOVA) Update in Acute Mental Health Setting

MOVA workshop was very well presented and understandable.


Safeguarding Children and Young Adult Level 3

Very Informative. Good to Know the law and reporting procedures.


Mandatory Training Updates for Doctors

Very professional and exhaustive.

Dr. Tim

Advance Accident and Emergency Clinical Skills

Constance of Your World Healthcare: Presentation was simplified. Neurological assessment skills is useful.
Rudo of Team 24: Interpreting and diagnosing blood gases presentation are helpful for us.
Jaya of Cromwell Agency: Comprehensive workshop.
Kumari of Wexham Park Hospital: This course was perfect. Course was very well presented and Michael was excellent in explaining all topics of the course and he interacted with the group very well.
Patricia of Redspot Group: Excellent and refreshing workshop.
Joseph of Wexham Park Hospital: All parts of presentation were easy because they were easily explained.


Mandatory Training Update

Mandatory Training Update presentation was extensive and complete with information.


IV Therapy

Drug calculations is so useful. Found out that I need to practice more.


Management of Violence and Aggression

Clear communication and useful information from the facilitator.


Management of Violence and Aggression

Training has been informative but found not too easy to understand but challenging as it needs to be. Relevant examples or instances were discussed.


IV Therapy Workshop

The practical aspect and calculation of IV Therapy workshop is very useful. Very informative and educational workshop esp for upgrading nurses.


Venepuncture and Cannulation

Easy to follow, concise and the practical sessions were particularly useful.


Mandatory Training Updates for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals

This training has increased my knowledge and skills, preparing me well for good practice as nursing is a life long learning process.


The trainer was very good by explaining things. I wish you could advertise yourselves nationwide because there is a lot of Nurses who need your services for their high standard of work and competence.


IV Cannulation and Venepuncture

The whole sessions was useful especially the practical session. The indications, anatomy and physiology was clearly explained and easy to understand. The environment very conducive for learning. Well organised tea and lunch for candidates.


Management of Violence and Aggression (MOVA)

The presentation was very good and useful. The presentation was excellent and the sessions was clear.
Everything was relevant to my career and will help me to deal violent patient in mental health clinical


Cannulation and Venepuncture

The presentation was well explained. We found it very useful the practical , putting theory into practice. The practical aspect-time was given prioritised. The trainer was very interactive, it was a very good presentation, well explained.

Sandra and Aku

Management of Violence and Aggression (MOVA)

I found all the information are useful. The content was useful and helpful in my role. Management of Violence and Aggression (MOVA)

I found all the information are useful. The content was useful and helpful in my role.


Management of Violence and Aggression (MOVA)

The presentation was excellent. I found the escalation very useful. I value most the real explanation by the trainer and excellent demonstration, The content of the session was informative and useful.


ECG Workshop

I found it first difficult the polarisation and depolarisation but later during the lecture it soon become more clearer. I found it useful the counting of P,Q,R,S and T waves intervals. The overall aspect of the presentation was excellent.


ECG Workshop

Everything in this course are comprehensive, explained, discussed and illustrated by the Trainer. Nothing is difficult as the presentation was very well delivered. I preferred most the areas of interpreting ECG and Myocardial Infarction (MI). The ECG practicals -interpreting ECG paper samples was very excellent -I found it too easy after the lectures.


Management of Violence and Aggression (MOVA)

Timothy: The sessions was excellent. I found particular useful the topics about the drugs affect the brain using the study of MICE. Everything I have learned today will be use as evidence based practice
Paul: The content of the presentation was comprehensive and excellent. I value the person centred care and the current national policy and guidelines.
Akinwale: The presentation style was excellent. I value particularly the substance misuse and the neuropsychology of mental illness.
Tolulope: All the topics about MOVA was well covered. The legal framework was well explained. Excellent.
Osaze: The package of this course is appropriate. Presentation was excellent.


Manangement of Violence and Aggression (MOVA)

Florence: The amount of information and the presentation style was excellent. The topic was well understood as the the sessions was well presented. I value everything that it’s presented.
Aubrey: The MOVA presentation was comprehensive and excellent. I value most the Mental Health Clustering Tool.
Mawedzere: The legistation related to MOVA was well explained and it’s very useful.


IV Therapy Workshop

All aspect of the sessions are very useful in day to day high level of patient care. The handouts provided will be very useful when I go through with it. Some aspect of dose calculations found to be difficult but at the end I manage to analyse the scenario questions. I become more orientated with the current updates and would come back for more courses.


Gastrostomy Care and Management

The contents of the course were appropriate. I learned a practical hands on management of PEG. The course also helped me to monitor in giving enteral feeding.


IV Venepuncture and Cannulation

All parts of presentation was well presented and well explained.
I learned the 6 steps of hand washing, all parts of presentations are useful. All parts had enough presentation.


IV Venepuncture and Cannulation

The session was easy to understand because on the way the trainer demonstrate and teach. I learned the importance of using the right cannula needle for the right infusion or therapy. Every aspect of the training was well understood and very useful. I can recommend all my friends.


Management of Violence and Aggression

The presentation was excellent and the I particularly found useful on Risk Assessment tools and the use of Mental Health Clustering tools. It’s very helpful.


IV Therapy

Doris: The presentation was excellent especially the anatomy and physiology. All of the aspect of the session was brilliant.
Ivie: I’ve learned the complex drug calculations and different central lines. The amount of information was comprehensive.
Agnes: The educator was very good in explaining. I found the calculations very useful. The presentation was excellent.


Gastrostomy Care and Management:

The session was very helpful, useful and comprehensive. It is very informative.


Gastrostomy Care and Management:)

The content of the course was useful especially the complications of gastrostomy and ways to maintain the patency of the tube. Session was excellent and will help a lot in my career.


IV Therapy

All areas are vital. The session on calculation are very useful. The session on calculation are very useful.


IV Therapy – I found the complex IV calculation difficult at the beginning but got a lot better with practice at the end of the session. The presentation demonstration was very useful. It was a very informative training. Thank you.


IV Therapy – In the beginning the calculation was difficult especially percentage as I have not come across them before.
But then I found it later too easy especially the dosages, conversion and calculation of infusions. Good course very useful for Nurses.


Mandatory Training – All the presentation were helpful. The trainer did a good job of using real examples. This is the best Mandatory Training I have attended.


Mandatory Training – The presentation are well presented, materials are are good and useful. The trainer give details of all the topics. I enjoy the presentation and the meal provided-well done. I will recommend more clients and friends.


Phlebotomy Workshops – The information given was extremely clear, detailed explanation and real life scenario contributed greatly to understanding. Lectures were detailed and answered most of our questions. The legal aspect and the six steps of hand washing were easy to understand. The blood collection container and heir specific uses were very useful. Also the pre demonstration was useful.

Annabel and Antoinette

Every aspect of the A&E training is useful.


Interpretation of blood gases and ECG are the most useful topics.


Excellent A&E workshop.


Enjoyed the A&E workshop today. I’m coming for more workshops.


Excellent refresher workshop for A&E nurses.


The whole lecture is enjoyable with lots of information for A&E nurses.


Very comprehensive ECG topic in A&E Workshop which is really helpful for nurses.


Every part of the training is understandable and helpful.


The information is comprehensive.


Learning different kinds of bottles in Venepuncture is useful as well as the anatomy of the arm.


I enjoyed the workshop today paticularly the Practical session of IV Cannulation and Venepuncture. Both Theory and Practical sessions are important.


The IV Cannulation and Venepuncture workshop is very useful and educative.


All topics are useful. It is an enjoyable training.


Delivery was very good. Lecturer was patient and responded well to questions. Course content was exactly what I needed to update my IV Therapy Practice.


Drug calculation in IV Therapy workshop is very useful.


The whole session of IV Therapy workshop was great. All areas were covered and all topics are essential.


Comprehensive information, excellent session for Mandatory Training Update.


All topics are useful. It is an enjoyable training.


Delivery was very good. Lecturer was patient and responded well to questions. Course content was exactly what I needed to update my IV Therapy Practice.


Drug calculation in IV Therapy workshop is very useful.


The whole session of IV Therapy workshop was great. All areas were covered and all topics are essential.


Due to non working in an acute sector of Nursing (RNLD). I haven’t do any calculations so I
struggled with equations. The Tutor support me 1:1 to practice my drug calculations. I’ve
participated in all several courses and workshops at GHP. I’ve found the staff to be
incredibly patient and helpful throughout each session, nothing is too much trouble and
they will repeat or go over any points you may have any difficulties with. They encourage
you to discuss and question issues as they want you to understand the subject matter
and a good quality training course. The success of Nurses and other Healthcare
Professionals is also their success, hence the reason I will be back time and time again to
build upon my CPD. Thank you GHP.


It’s an Interactive MOVA workshop. Highly recommended.


Greatly refreshed with Manual Handling Principles and CPR in Mandatory training update workshop.


Excellent workshop for Mandatory Training Update.


Discussion of warning sign in of Management of Violence and Aggression workshop is the most useful part.


Great IV Cannulation and Venepuncture workshop. Practical demonstration is very helpful, gives us more confidence to do it by ourselves.

Zina and Charlotte

All parts of the IV Cannulation and Venepuncture workshop is useful. Made me refreshed my anatomy and physiology and updates with new legalities at work.


Drug calculation is the most useful part in IV Therapy Workshop.


Very good and well explained IV Therapy workshop.


Well presented and understandable IV therapy Workshop.


Well presented Management of Violence and Aggression workshop.


Highly recommended workshop. Will come back for more trainings.


IV Therapy workshop is easy to understand and all informations are important.


Health and safety, Basic life support and Practical session are the topics that I enjoyed well.


The information in A&E workshop was very comprehensive and useful. The trainer explained the topics very well.


Practical session is the best part in People Movers Manual and Handling Level 3 course.


The 3 days Mandatory Training Induction is excellent and with a very helpful trainer.


I like the practical part of IV Cannulation and Venepuncture workshop.


Watching Video demonstration followed by live demonstration before the practical is a useful technique to learn how to do venepuncture and cannulation.


It was a lively discussion where I can share my ideas. Excellent Management of Violence and Aggression workshop


Manual handling and BLS are the vital topics in the Mandatory Training updates.


All the topics in Mandatory Training updates is useful and can help work well as a career.


Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adult Level 3 training was pitched a good level.


Mandatory training update is very informative.


Descalation Technique in Management of VIolence and Aggression Workshop is very useful in mental health setting.


The presentation was clear and opportunity was given to clarify and answer all questions. The presentation style, amount of information and content were excellent. The session was well worth in doing at GHP.

Mrs. Lesline

The presentation powerpoint was very well presented. I found the video and practical very useful. I value more the stoma care (dressing),suctioning and changing tape. After completing this training and workshop with GHP I feel more confident.

Ms. Olusola

The Drug Calculations were too easy to understand because the Trainer explained it very clearly. The power point and videos were arranged in order, it make me understand all the topics.
The trainer was excellent, she make the session enjoyable, all my questions were answered and explained clearly and makes me feel more confident in giving IV medications. I found the topics of indications, contra indications, record keeping and the law more useful in giving IV drugs.
I will recommend all my friends to GHP.

Ms. Yongo

”I find the workshop so interesting as I was able to absorb almost every knowledge imparted by the trainer about tracheostomy and the corresponding nursing interventions for care. The powerpoint presentation was very strong and clear. Overall, it was really good and the environment was very nice and very much appreciated.”


Excellent presentation and comprehensive information for Mandatory training updates for doctors.

Dr. Mackay

‘This Mandatory Training Updates for Doctors was full of very relevant information which are absolutely helpful to my profession. As a doctor and a participant of this course, I can definitely affirm that I have gained the most up-to-date knowledge on legal responsibilities and professional accountability that I must have while working in a hospital and clinic, and essential skills that i should perform when I do my assessment for my patients. A couple of video clips about Basic Life Support and other videos related to topics have shown during the session and they were both clear, understandable and entertaining at the same time. It was a very good training day all around.”

Dr. Afker

I find IV cannulation and Venepuncture workshop very useful training,since I haven’t done this before. I completely understand the theoretical part and practical part but I need to practice more.

Dr. Fabio

Useful information and excellent presentation in IV cannulation and venepuncture workshop.


The anatomy theoretical and practical part is very helpful for IV Cannulation/Venepuncture workshop.


The actual practice was very useful in IV Cannulation and Venepuncture workshop.


I found Manual Handling topic easy.Comprehensive Mandatory Training update.


The best Mandatory Training update I have ever attended.


Medication Safety Practice Highly Recommended The workshop for Medication Safety Practice was very good.


Greatly satisfied with the content of Medication Safety Practice workshop.I had hard time with drug calculation at first, but understood it eventually.


Learned a lot with Medication Safety Practice workshop today.Drug calculation is very useful.


My 2 days HCA Clinical Skills Workshop was very enjoyable.Excellent practical lessons and comprehensive informations.


Mandatory Training update session was very clear and easy to understand. Most useful part is the BLS.


The trainer break away everything in a way you will understand it. Highly recommended. I will come for more trainings.


Excellent training. Every part is enjoyable and and the whole course is useful.


I learned a lot from 2 days HCA Clinical Skills workshop.The instructors are friendly instructor with excellent communication skills.


All the topics in Healthcare Assistant Clinical Workshop are useful and relevant. But I found Venepuncture and BLS the most enjoyable.


Useful workshop for nurses who need updates.


Very interesting A and E workshop and excellent trainer.


2 days HCA Clinical Skills workshop was excellent.All the informations given were up to date either practicals or theoretical. The trainers were knowledgeable in their field. Highly recommended.


CPR practical was the part that I really liked most in this Mandatory Training Information presented was easy to understand


IV Cannulation | Venepuncture workshop was excellent. The content of the session is very useful,both theoretical and practical.


Every part of the IV Therapy workshop was helpful and very informative.I have gained lots of updates


Very useful workshop,pleasant presenter and the lunch topped it all


The IV Therapy Workshop was comprehensive from beginning to the end.


“Demonstration with actual equipment like IV Lines and types of cannula are very useful.The facilitator for IV Therapy workshop demonstrates good and sound knowledge which is very reassuring”


‘The practical test was the best part in IV Venepuncture and Cannulation, with all the tips given by the trainer.”


”The Venepuncture and Cannulation course was very well presented with lots of practical advice and tips. The presentation was easy to understand as we went over some of the slides more than once. All the material were relevant for the course, a very useful course and right balance of theory and practice. I feel confident to go and practice venepuncture and cannulation.”


Handout was helpful, comprehensive information overall, it was a great workshop.


”The topic on the use of restraint was very useful and all theories about the discussion were really fine. I would love to come back again to do another training updates with them, or maybe participate with one of their clinical skills training.”


”The physical aspect of Management of Violence & Aggression training has helped me widen my understanding and expanded my knowledge further. The trainer was very smart to discuss the laws and ethical issues on control and restraint. I can’t wait to see their next workshop”.


Every topic in IV Therapy Workshop was well presented and was easy to understand. Keep it up!!


”I found it all easy and presented in an easy and understandable way. Doing all the mandatory training at once and not have to do them online.”


”The training was really comprehensive and I like the way the trainer shown the video on Adult Basic Life Support. The content of the session was very useful to my work.”


”Very good mandatory training updates presentation. Keep it up! Everything that the trainer taught was useful to me at my work.”


”Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of the best topics of today’s Mandatory Training. The video they’ve shown was great.”


“Everything taught in A&E workshop was essential and comprehensive”


”Both the trainer and the training itself were excellent. All the A&E Clinical Skills Aspect were useful”


The A&E workshop covered updated information and all our questions were answered!Trainer is very good.


Accident and Emergency clinical workshop was excellent ,good presentation and knowledgeable trainer.I am coming back for more trainings.


I find the training very useful ,particularly the sites where blood must be taken was elaborated and clearly demonstrated.


After the IV Cannulation and Venepuncture training, I am now confident in providing safe care especially in recovery patients.


Practical part is what I enjoyed most in the IV cannulation and venepuncture workshop. Also, the staff are friendly.


I really enjoyed the IV Cannulation and Venepuncture workshop as the trainer is very knowledgeable and kind.


‘Very good presentation. I’ve learnt so much on this A&E training. Excellent teaching skills.”


”Brilliant training. I find ABG, ECG and Respiratory Assessments particularly useful in my training and
the trainer was very eloquent and smart.”


The presentation for IV cannulation and venepuncture was straight forward and easy to understand.


The topic for IV Therapy is hard specifically the drug calculation part. However, the trainer explained it very well and made us understand the topic easily.I will come back for more workshops.


I really enjoyed the practical part of IV Cannulation and Venepuncture workshop.


Mandatory training presentation is excellent; useful information.


Excellent training. Useful topics for Information Governance and Person Centered Care.


Excellent ITU Training!


Topic is very well explained.ABG interpretation is very useful.


Drug calculation has always been tricky, but I was able to grasp certain learning on the proper technique in measuring medications’ doses and other prescriptive drugs. The trainer was very articulate in discussing the IV Therapy and drug administration. The amount of information I have got was more than enough, and I totally learnt new things about this workshop.


The presentation of the IV devices was wonderful. I got to see them in the hospital, but it was just today that I now understand the different function of each things. Indeed, It was an impressive and comprehensive training. I really like the teaching style of the trainer. It was didactic at first, but eventually it became a variety of visual style and practical tests.


The best thing about this IV therapy workshop was the way that the trainer imparted the knowledge in the simplest way possible so that we could understand every concept. I was very blessed to have this kind of training. I really love the topic on drug calculations, very easy to understand.


The IV therapy workshop was brilliant. I came from night duty yesterday, yet I didn’t even feel bored or sleepy. As the trainer explained every topic very clearly, I was really amazed and I have had fun with the discussion. The class was very interactive. Everyone has shared their own experiences with their Intravenous Therapy practice in the hospital.


The trainer was brilliant because I was able to understand the way he explained techniques in cannulation and venepuncture. Both topics were excellent. Everything he said was related to my practice as a registered general nurse. Though I came from a night shift, I still enjoyed the workshop with them.


The session was informative, well balanced with legal aspects. The technical information on the anatomy was very clear and concise. Overall, it really was an excellent workshop especially the practical test in cannulation and venepuncture. I have had fun as well.


The session was very helpful to me as a nurse. I was so thankful that I attended a CPD certified workshop with a very well rounded trainer. It was a total excitement we’ve had together with co-delegates.


I feel relieved now as I had my workshop with one of the best training providers in the UK which is Global Health Professionals. I got a chance to learn new updates on the Immediate Life Support, Review of non invasive and invasive ventilation support. The discussion was as comprehensive as I have thought before I went to the workshop.


The explanation of the trainer on the A&E workshop was very clear and easy to understand, and besides I find the topic on history taking and the rest of the subjects were very useful. The presentation style was really excellent. She was very eloquent and approachable. I had to ask a series of questions, and she was able to answer all of it. Impressive, indeed.


I’ve learnt so much on the Dementia Awareness and Healthcare Risk Assessment. To be honest, It was just my second time attending a mandatory training update and I’m very thankful to be part of it. The trainers were nice and accomodating.


”I felt really glad with the lecture and practice. The trainer has a broad knowledge on the topics with a mixture of humour that made the whole training so enjoyable. Knowing new updates on Health and Safety, Basic Life Support Mental Capacity & Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding Adults and Moving & Handling will certainly help my continuing personal development as a manager in healthcare profession.


The content of the mandatory training updates, the amount of information and the presentation style were really excellent! I found the Basic Life Support particularly useful since I have imparted my knowledge on that topic as well. That was a real learning experience


Mandatory Training – ‘Everything was explained very well in the mandatory training, particularly those things which are related to my profession such as medication awareness, basic life support, infection contol. It was well worth it, because it’s an all in one training and I have to admit that I enjoyed the discussion of the topics. I definitely like the fact that the trainers were able to elaborate the improvement of quality care delivery to people with Dementia and on how to support relationships of people with that kind of cognitive impairment.’


The mandatory training was very informative and exciting because not only I was able to refresh my knowledge on the correct technique of hoisting and using of slide sheets but also I managed to enjoy every courses and topics. Many thanks to the trainers who made the lecture, demonstration and experience worthwhile. They were so brilliant when they taught us the health and safety and its laws, infection control, medication awareness, COSHH, fire safety, Basic Life Support, and so on. I would definitely go to GHP Ltd again on my next training update.


I have had fun! We were able to focus on the IELTS workshop because of the pleasant ambience in the training room and the trainers are very accommodating, keen, and smart. I was astounded by the fact that they could put everything in one lecture. Totally amazing!


The content of the (IELTS) workshop was very good as I have learnt so much on the techniques like thinking in 3’s when giving an example or reason, thorough time management in answering and mind mapping. The trainers were so considerate and professional with their lecture. We also had practise tests in Reading and Listening subtests, and I’ve enjoyed every single bit of the activity. Two thumbs up for them!



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